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17 Tháng Mười Một, 2022
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Hoa Linh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (HLP) is a leading pharmaceutical company in Vietnam with health and beauty care products from natural and oriental medicinal herbs. Established in 2001, HLP has spent more than 20 years researching, developing products, and taking care of customers with creative minds, sincerity, and warm hearts. HLP has been building a business with the core value of “Intelligence – dedication – kindness”.

More than 20 years ago, Vietnamese women were extremely disadvantaged because the market was very scarce in the line of gynecological health care products. In 2003, the research team of HLP embarked on research and developed a type of feminine hygiene product with high safety requirements and compatible with the physiology of Asian women. 2 years later, Da Huong was launched with a convenient transparent gel form. It does not only gently wash but also balances vaginal pH, nourishes skin, prevents inflammation, and itching, and prevents odor throughout 24 hours. Da Huong has created a revolution in reproductive health care for women across Vietnam.

Brand Elements
Currently, Da Huong is the leading product among feminine hygiene products in Vietnam. According to Euromonitor International’s latest report in July 2020 on the cosmetic industry in Vietnam, Da Huong is accounting for 67% of the market share of feminine hygiene products, double the market share compared to the second-ranked brand, Lactacyd, which currently holds 32% of the market share.

Da Huong is widely distributed, becoming a best-selling product at every pharmacy, supermarket, cosmetic grocery store, and even on E-commerce.

Da Huong is successfully exported to countries around the world such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, and Yemen. This rise of Da Huong once again affirms the prestige, quality, and love for women’s products in the world.

Inspiring Identity
Behind the pure Vietnamese name “Da Huong” is a story associated with women, helping them to recognize and love themselves. In Vietnam, for a long time, the issue of intimate hygiene has always been a delicate topic and has not been given due attention. And Da Huong – with the meaning of blooming flowers, giving off a fragrance at night, is a reminder and encouragement for women: With Da Huong, women will feel comfortable, clean and fragrant like the petals of the night..

As a sensitive area care product, Da Huong is determined to build a sustainable brand with a serious, gentle, and subtle way of communication. It conveys the physical properties of the product, while still integrating and interweaving gentle stories, touching the feelings and most secret desires of women. For many years, Da Huong has been associated with the image of a healthy, confident, attractive, and happy Asian woman. This also is the benefit that the product brings to customers as well as the most impressive message about the mission of Spreading happiness that Da Huong has chosen.

Da Huong has carried out a series of marketing and CSR activities to change the perception of Vietnamese women. Thanks to that Da Huong achieved its position. From the lack of attention to gynecological health care, using feminine hygiene solutions every day has become an indispensable daily routine of women. Now, when product penetration has reached 80% married women 35+, Da Huong continues pursuing the mission of taking care of their girls’ reproductive health.

Having many competitors, the brand itself has to do better by enhancing product quality, developing a portfolio, implementing anti-counterfeiting measures to protect consumers, etc.

Achievements & Impact
Dubbed the “National Feminine hygiene solution”, since being launched on the market, Da Huong has continuously received prestigious certifications and awards.

In 2015, it achieved ASEAN Quality Prestige Brand and Quality Gold Award for Vietnamese Family Health. Da Huong received Gold Quality Award and Asia-Pacific Quality Prestige Brand in 2016.

Until now, Da Huong is the only feminine hygiene solution studied for safety and effectiveness at the two leading maternity hospitals in Vietnam, the National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Tu Du Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

Besides, Da Huong is the only brand of feminine hygiene solution which is voted by consumers as the number 1 trusted product in the line of feminine hygiene products in Vietnam for 12 consecutive years (from 2010 to 2021).

Future Direction
In the near future, HLP aims to make Da Huong a leading brand in gynecological health care by expanding its categories and portfolio such as feminine hygiene solutions, sanitary napkins, menstrual pain relief patches, etc. It will also export Da Huong to major markets in Vietnam.

Source: apea.asia


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